Reddit Sings Cruel Angel’s Thesis

So maybe I spend too much time on Reddit. I guess I haven’t spent enough time there, because this post about submitting recording of Cruel Angel’s Thesis to mix them into a single session came and went in about three week’s time. I might have noticed if I bothered to look, but as it is I did not participate in this grand exploration of what Evangelion means: that is to say – a grand unification of voices akin to the true ending of the series. And the Fightstar reference was just a bonus. All in all, I give the mixing a 4/5, the bonus at the end brings that to 5/5, and the spirit of the session gets one hundred and seventy one points.

"Out of how many?"
“Out of how many?”

Anyway, here’s the song.

I Have Had Some Weird Hair

Today’s post is all the wacky styles I could find not-embarrassing pictures of. Just felt like putting the gallery together. I don’t know about the beard. I kinda like it, but I kinda don’t. I dig the plaid though.

3×5 Challenge! Day Three!

Today’s 3×5 Challenge consists of some of my static typography. With no exception, I like to put real time into working out exactly where the parts of my letters end up. Sometimes, a single pixel of space looks better than two pixels. Who knew that such a tiny different could change a piece so much? Enjoy~

3×5 Challenge! Day Two!

Day two here we come! Here are three more works I’ve made. Today I’m showing off some derivative pieces based on the Japanese animated franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion. Each is the combination of acquired art and my own typography or backing layers (with the exception of “At The Very Beginning,” for which I sourced an image of Sabrina’s for the backing layer). Enjoy!

3×5 Challenge! Day One!

Sabrina Macho has nominated me for this challenge and I’ll be making nominations each day of the next five. For today, I’m revisiting the idea of alternate doubles. The original idea was to interpret what a doppelganger would be like. What if these doubles stood shoulder to shoulder and overlapped? What if they existed in the same space, the same time, but elsewhere? Each is equally fiction to the other, but that makes both they and myself imaginary. Imagine that.

To sleep

For a number of years, I’ve had a playlist on what ever music player I happen to have at any given time. It wasn’t always called “To Die – To Sleep” but there it is. The following are some selections from that playlist – not the same performances, but wonderful all the same.