10647083_10153203189232516_451551333463100128_nPlease click here to download Michael’s resume

Michael Johnpoll
is a self-styled new media artist with interdisciplinary experience from the academic to the artistic, the leisurely to the professional. He earned his Bachelor’s in Digital Arts at Stetson University in 2014, with a focus on video manipulation and studies in humanities and writing.

He’s a photographer, videographer, an editor with a love of what Photoshop and Final Cut can offer to an image and can even write a decent sonnet, cook a tasty meal, take orders, give orders, and keep phone messages straight on a busy day.

As an undergraduate, Michael’s work garnered merit through his efforts in several student organizations, through the university’s Juried Art Exhibition and its student-run publications: Touchstone and the Stetson Reporter

Michael is currently writing a technical bible for a Japanese-styled American graphic novel, working laser engraving machines five-days-a-week, and sorting out that one pesky immortal’s timeline (will finish that book some day, promise). His free time is dominated by writing short stories and building his fledgling sticker empire.

Feel free to contact him:

E-Mail: michaelajohnpoll@gmail.com
Social Media: Facebook | LinkedIn
Phone: (954) 806-1653
Please click here to download Michael’s resume.

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