Covid, Quarantine, and Mister Smith

So I haven’t posted in a while. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I started my last few posts with that phrase… probably, but I’m not stopping to check.

As I’m sure everyone knows, the self quarantine goes on despite Florida partially reopening things against the advice of actual medical professionals. But you know… politicians. So yeah, apparently people’s lives are worth less than the cost of financial assistance and the economy as a whole. So that’ll be nice to remember next time Uncle Sam needs my help.

Honestly, I’m one of the least affected, so I don’t really have a leg to stand on. I’m actually working more than usual because other people were out and someone needed to pick up the slack. I’m in a warehouse, several meters away from other people and I wear a mask, so I think I’m pretty good so far.

As for my job, it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever had. At least, the highest paying and the only one I don’t go to sleep dreading. Hell, I actually look forward to it.

That said, I had intended for my set schedule to leave me more time to write… and it kind of has…

I’m currently in the process of cobbling together a website for my next project. It’s a museum designed to glorify human achievements… set in the far future and founded by an immortal (fictional or not, you decide) who lived through many of the events shown on display in his museum.

I’m probably less than a week or two from just launching the thing. I’m actually pretty excited to just put it out there and see what happens.

But yeah… that’s about it. It’s not an exciting life, but it’s mine.

Until next time.

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