Balthasar has died. Long live Balthasar.

A hard drive lives and dies by its manufacture and it’s use. I have three storage drives in my most recent computer, Hamburg. Caspar, which houses my music and some documents. Melchior, which houses documents, my video archive, and games. Balthasar, which houses backups of these others and all else.

You might notice a pattern. I’m burning through references pretty quickly. Two computers ago was Tokyo III, last computer was Matsushiro. My current computer is Hamburg and has three additional storage drives named for the three supercomputers in Neon Genesis Evangelion; which were in turn named for the three kings (wise men?) in the Jesus birth myth.

What I’m getting at is that a new hard drive is hard to work with. Not in task, but in time. Moving 4 terabytes of information, years of footage, photos, documents… the bytes stack up fast.

Oh well, at least I got a decent price on it. And it probably wasn’t a used drive either. So far as my tests can show.

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