Pokemon for the Virtual Console! Citizens rejoice!

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Dark Side Weekly

It has been announced today that Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be re-released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console at the end of February this coming year! Citizens rejoice!

To celebrate this, take a gander at the device you’ll be playing them on!


I jest, I jest. Promise; cross my heart and hope to accidentally make Mewtwo faint and have to restart from my save eighty-seven times.

But, really. In actual celebration, and in a case of double Throwback Thursday, I give you nearly the full text of a throwback review of these games I wrote for my university paper about two years ago. It’s OK to laugh now.



Everyone still remembers Pokemon, right? Come on, Ash and Pikachu and the incompetent antics of Team Rocket all set to a cheery theme song and other Saturday morning breakfast cartoons – bah! I’m talking about the games that…

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