Before my First Apartment

It is worth noting that I’m still living in my father’s house. Or my sister’s. It’s hard to keep track of who really owns this place. It should suffice to say that it’s the house my parents had built and the house I lived in as a child.

In my search for an apartment or other living arrangements, totally being an adult with a job and a good income, I started to also search for items I might need in an otherwise unfurnished hovel within my price range. Something to sleep on, something to cook with, a table at which to eat and shelves on which to place some of these things.

But my search went other places as well.

I’d been playing Fallout 3 a fair bit around the time of this search and I got to thinking of the house you can acquire in the township of Megaton should you save it from the primed atomic warhead that stands as the literal and social center of town. In this house, you can decorate to your heart’s content and even place items in the world that would otherwise not be allowed as standard decor. You could have a stack of mini-nuclear warheads on the desk or line the shelves with books or even just pile up all your ammunition in the corner.

What if I could do this in real life? And thus fell apart my search for legitimate things for my new home and began my search on the wonderful Etsy for Fallout related junk with which to line my potential shelves.

Maybe a futon is more within my price range…

Until next time…

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